Rigopulos Kostantinos

Rigopulos Kostantinos

The faded shirts street

I flew over a bloodstained past

Filled with questions and little cats meowing incomprehensibly over the roofs

I travelled to the future several times with different vehicles

I lost my love and a fortune due to bloodthirsty devil’s pictures

I spoke to the world’s vertebra

I grew older and became young again, I was afraid and giber

I am full and empty today, deep into palaces that became cold government buildings

I am ephemeral but I am looking for eternity

I forget… Alas how much could someone remember

I am anxious… Alas I am still deeply in love

I am afraid of all inexplicable words

The actual meaning is so painful sometimes

If I could only have my reality, an untouchable world of my own

If the earth could stop for some limited personal stillness, for some time

Sadness, I haven’t done anything so far, everything is planned or arranged

But life is sweet

I treat the future and the past as something bogus

Like a tear that ran down the seafront to the port and to the sea

Like the earth as you can see it from the Alpha Centauri

Like the love as you can see it from the letter E

I am rising and falling

I am faded together with my shirt, till I blow out, till I reach

The human populations of the past

Why does this have to be so serious?

Why reality should be so solemn?

The eternity is so mysterious

Perhaps, If I was loveless

My escape would be easy; I would have left without closing the door

Because no matter how many places you have seen

There are some places that nobody ever reached

Empty depths are crossed by trains

And aeroplanes stop the boredom of the skies

Like the blood into the veins of the earth

Till everything becomes one thing

All of us travel


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