Samuel Kayode Akinbo (Nigeria)


“What do l look like” you asked

With little detail you will be described.

Like a beauty queen of light

So tight with height

Flying higher than kite

You are more and great

A star,

Shining in the dark above

You beautify the star  with crystal sparkling.

You are more than shining,

You are a blessing to the night

You are the light

A rose in a fertile garden

A garden fertile by bones of fallen soldiers.

A mirror in the sky.

Reflecting my world below

in the world above.

My mistress, You are more than fragrances

You are the light

You are my mistress

You re the great idea that dwells in a great man’s brain,

You are the Dynamite that blows everything.

You are the light

Your beauty is an atomic weapon

shaking trousers and eye balls.

Historic encounter is an encounter with you.

The thirdworld war has begun,

a battle for love.

More than an army could fight for.

You are more.

You are the light

The light I battled to have its illumination.

You are more than the white shadows.

Hotter than fire

Cooler than snow

You are the light.

You are more

More than the supernova light

More than what you look like

That is who you are.

You are the light to the lights.


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