Gonzalo Gelabert (Spagna)

Gonzalo  Gelabert (Spagna)

Make it real

I can see lights

looking high, inside.

Behind the biggest thought

someone has never told.

I can believe in dark

if sun is rising hard,

‘cause nothing else matters

and darkness can’t be done.

Look my eyes in silence

when there’s nothing more to tell

and all the world is shy

sadly looking around.

There’s a hand

under the skin,

of everyone who want believe,

taking care of everything.

You will never know

the answer of the wind

when his words are so far

as the fastest feline.

Saying nothing

is like being quiet forever.

Don’t be an easy prey

express what you think.

Time always has life

to learn of your mistakes

and change a little bit

all you think it’s needed.

Take your time,

do your way.

Make you life

a better place.

Smile with the moonlight bye

and the sunset dark.

In the whisper wind

of the blowing truth.

Always and everywhere

you have the chance in the hands.

Believe in it, don’t hesitate.

The real thing is on your think.

Feel everything

and make it real.

Don’t be a simple one,

Run to your way, your destiny.

Always can be, if you believe

and fight for it.


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