Daniel Grandpair (Germania)

Daniel Grandpair (Germania)

Ancient kingdom

Once there was an ancient kingdom

a realm of wisdom, magic and might

high and fair it´s towers were

illuminated by purest starlight

countless voices sang there once

songs of knowledge, songs of fate

but though no one ever noticed

it was already too late

during a night of endless terror

fire rained down from the sky

destroyed everything in seconds

sparing neither bold nor shy

all the heavens were in turmoil

land was tossed into the seas

even our magic kingdom

was soon brought down to it´s knees

it was buried in the ocean

all it´s knowledge and it´s lore

dwells now beneath endless waves

far away from any shore

all it´s voices did fell silent

and it´s songs are sung no more

all that´s left is deadly silence

swords and statues made of ore

every witness has been silenced

time has done it´s job quiet well

all the voices are now silent

and their owners went to hell

but although no one remembers

all that was and still should be

there are some who want to know

just like you and just like me


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