19 marzo 2010, Tradurre

19 marzo 2010, Tradurre

Friday, March 19th, 9,30-12 a.m.

« Translating » : in the workshop of the translator « poet »

The meeting was an exciting workshop about « Translating Poetry » but also about the intrinsic crativity of « translating ».

Speakers were the poets Claudia Azzola (director of the Poetry Journal « Traduzionetradizione ») and Chiara De Luca (Director of the Publishing House Kolibris), introduced by Gabriella Valera Gruber. By reading some translated poems and presenting some translation problems with the proposed solutions, the speakers called the attention on the creative « work » of the poetic word along the passage from a language to another language and through the contamination between different semantic and expressive fields.

Poets and translators took part in the fruitful discussion bringing their experiences. Among the speakers Nadine Celotti, president of the Scuola Superiore di Lingue per Interpreti e Traduttori, Università di Trieste, Véronique Goffin , Director of the Alliance Française , Trieste, Anna Zoppellari, teacher of French Literature, University of Trieste, Afrodita Carmen Cionchin (Romanistic Department, university Padova), the writers Antonio Della Rocca and Julius Franzot, Gabriella Musetti, Director of the Literary Journal Almanacco del Ramo d’Oro, Pascale Janot e Danièle Faugeras , responible of a Poetry Colection by a French Publishing House and the young poet Nantas Nardelli (winner of the prize « Sergio Penco » in the Competition.

Also students of the Scuola Superiore di Lingue per Interpreti e Traduttori attended to the workshop, which took place in the beautiful conference hall of the Slovene Library in Trieste.

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Claudia Azzola

Chiara De Luca

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