2012 September 21st: Presentation the book “Mirror/Masks”. Poems

2012 September 21st: Presentation the book "Mirror/Masks". Poems

On September 2st in the auditorium of Museo Revoltella, in the frame of the V World Youth Forum Right to Dialogue the book of the winning poems of the VIII edition of the competition Castello di Duino has been launched. The book entitled  “Mirror /Maks”  (italian-english, Ibiskos Editrice Risolo, 2011; Introduction Gabriella Valera Gruber) has been introduced to the public along with the photoexhibition one the sam topic and the DVD recording all poems in their original languages. Book and DVD can be requested to  valeragruber@alice.it.

The authors receive 1 copy for free. all other copies cost € 12 + postage. Sales are given to Fondazione Luchetta-Ota-D’Angelo-Hrovatin  as pormised in the announcement of the competition.


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