27 Marzo 2009, Conferenza Stampa

27 Marzo 2009, Conferenza Stampa

27 March 2009

Press Conference

In the superb setting of the major hall of the Chamber of Commerce in Trieste took place the press conference for introducing the Project “Poetry and Solidarity Language of the Peoples” (International Poetry Competition Castello di Duino and World Youth Forum Right to Dialogue” and the events of the year 2009. The Conference was introducted by Dr. Franco Rota (for the Chamber of Commerce), who welcame the guests, and by Gabriella Valera Gruber, President of the Association “Poesia e Solidarietà” and Responsible for the Competition and the Forum. To the Press Conference paritcipated a large audiance among others many young poets awarded in the 5th Edition of the competition. Noteworthy the participation of the press (See press index click on “Archiv Press”). Many personalities were present and spoke : in addition to Dr. Franco Rota, Dr. Christa Leggeri, ( Diplomatic corps in Trieste), Misses Abdallah (Embassy of Irak in Rome), Dr. Marina Guglielmi, (Provincia di Trieste), dr. Marina Gruden Vlach (Comune di Trieste), Dr. Pibernik, (Central European Initiative), Andino Castellano, (Centro Servizi Volontariato del Friuli Venezia Giulia), il Prof. Paolo Alessi (Unesco Center in Trieste), Aliki Kefaloianni (Foundation of Hellenic Culture in Trieste) e Dr. Engineer Cosmidis (East Greek Community of Trieste), enthusiastic collaborators of the Project, Dr. Mascarin (Center of onchology in Aviano)and Dr. Massimo Tierno (per il Villaggio del Fanciullo di Opicina), both interested with their activities in the participation to the Forum Right to Dialogue, Dr. Gabriella Cecotti ( Integrated cultural Project of Medio Friuli, partner of the Project Poetry and Solidarity, Prof. Franco De Marchi ” Liceo Psico-Pedagogico Carducci”, Engineer Gianni Scarpa ( Foundation Luchetta Ota D’Angelo-Hrovatin whose humanitarian action is shared and supported by Poesia and Solidarietà thanks to the generous sponsorship of Antonietta Risolo-IBISKOS EDITRTICE RISOLO, Empoli -Firenze who publishes free the book of the winners.


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