19 marzo 2010, Mostra

19 marzo 2010, Mostra


Friday 19th, 5,30 p.m- Opening Ceremony of the Exhibition


Collective exhibition of the photos sent by the Poets of the Competition with some lines of their poems as a suggestion for thinking


The exhibition was mounted by Gabriella and Ottavio Gruber in the Exhibition Hall “Arturo Fittke”, kindly given by the “Comune di Trieste” Assessorato alla Cultura, represented during the opening Ceremony by Mr. Dr. Adriano Dugulin, Director of “Area Cultura- Civici Musei di Storia ed Arte di Trieste”.

Gabriella Valera Gruber writes : Earth and heaven, solidity of experienced spaces and empty bright distances hypnotize the look.

The man, similar to a shadow outline full with light, imagines it in the mystery of the night, looks at it among the branches of a tree, suffers from it going through the ruins of an earthquake, take up it in his hands, in order to bring into the dark contradictions of a world that no light but the smile of children can redeem

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