Niko Šmenc (Slovenia)

Niko Šmenc (Slovenia)



Najbrž je nekdo neko? zaukazal: ”Cest!”

Cest, ki vidijo skoz zeleno blaznost trav in zaznajo smeri;

cest, ki vodijo od tu do tam in tam še zmeraj iš?ejo nove poti

Najbrž je kdo zaukazal: ”Cest!”

Nekdo je moral veleti: ”Cest!”

Cest, da iz no?i se pride v dan in vnovi? ?as beleži;

cest, da se razstavi gosti strah, da se ga razteži.

Nekdo je moral veleti: ”Cest!”

Ve? jih je in ti hropejo: ”Cest!”

Cest, ker sla?ijo pocestnice do gole kože in še naprej;

cest, ker razselijo pamet in ne zatipajo trdote mej.

Ve? jih je, ki hropejo: ”Cest!”

Za leta in tiso?letja : Cest! Cest! Cest!

Cest za zmeraj od tu do tam,

a ena cesta, ki meri tišino,

pelje Drugam.


I guess once someone must have ordered: ”Roads!”

To see through greenish madness of the grass, to detect directions;

To be from here to there and even there seeking for some new dimensions.

I guess once someone ordered: ”Roads!”

Someone had to shout it: ”Roads!”

To come from deepest night to day and then recording time again;

To disassemble density of fear as far as it can.

Someone had to shout it: ”Roads!”

It’s many of them with rale when saying: ”Roads!”

To watch a harlot’s ride into the sin;

To lame themselves, to feel no longer border’s skin.

Many of them are saying: ”Roads!”

For years and millenums we’re asking for Roads! Roads! Roads!

To be from here to there, from north to south,

until the single road measures us out.


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