World Youth Forum VII – Papers

World Youth Forum VII - Papers


Today on this link are free to consultation several paper of World Youth Forum VII. They are ordered according to the program of the forum.



[box type=”bio”] Friday 3rd October 2014[/box]

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                      Kuznetsova         Todhe / Totoni

         What’s Europe     European Dream or

                                      Non European Nightmare

[box type=”bio”] Saturday 4th October 2014[/box]

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                Cagalj                       Vizdoaga                  Iemelianenko

Croatia in and out of Europe        European Union        Prospects for Democracy

                                              values and principles

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_              Rabinovych                         Dimac                    Vecellio Segate

Multilevel governance in the EU   a crossroad United in diversity       Relazioni geopolitiche

                                                                                                                         e socioeconomiche

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_                Lukotkova                    Nhapulo                       Filipov

_             How important        Youth in institutional cooperation      NFE and Erasmus

_   commitment to youth is    and communiydevelopment
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_               Miloshevski                    Pisanu                   Koshchiyenko

      European future    Social Impact of NGOs     Perception of Europe
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_                   Nguyen                   Piekalkiewicz                  Hasic           

 Individualism vs collectivism      Wellbeing in Europe        Building Better Democracies

[box type=”bio”] Sunday 5th October 2014[/box]

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               Tahir                           Drumeva                    Nadolna

   The clash of integration    I nuovi cittadini d’Europa       Change and continuity 

  non integration narratives                                                    Poland and Ukraine 2004-2014 
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        Kozhukhovska                 Yankova

           Integration Processes            What is shared history

Ukrainian and Greek Ethno linguistic Consciousness

[box type=”bio”] Extra [/box]


–     Semenenko

–   Pro East or Pro West

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