World Youth Forum VII – Conclusions

World Youth Forum VII - Conclusions

The Seventh Edition of the World Youth Forum of Right to Dialogue has ended. They have been rich days, the meanings have transcended the ability to grow as the words have transcended the future. It is now up to each individuality to have the ability to synthesize and also of “physical” feedback of the experience, aware of already having changed with their comparison the prospects of all the questions unraveled and brought to light by the participants. Our reality appears complex, but to live the change means in principle understand the relationships between the different realities of the same problem, the same way as between different problems. The heterogeneity of the papers is certainly the key to this knowledge, and so it was, to varying degrees, also the comparison in informal gatherings. The issue of Europe / non-Europe has created a strong need for complexity and especially specificity, surely a later chapter of the past forum, where the concepts of Citizenship, the Economy and Global have been framed, will now be dropped in multiple dimensions with specific places and times, without abandoning the universality required. Beneath the videos and photos of all meetings.

-3rd October –  Regards and initial papers

-3rd October afternoon – Global/City

-4th October morning – Second Plenary

-4th October afternoon –  Third Plenary

-5th October – Fourth Plenary


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