The “PoeSol project” in the Municipality of Muggia, Hall “Gastone Millo”

The "PoeSol project" in the Municipality of Muggia, Hall "Gastone Millo"

The “PoeSol” project in the municipality of Muggia


On 16 January 2020 the PoeSol project “International Poetry and Theatre Competition Castello di Duino ” / “World Youth Forum Right to Dialogue” was illustrated in the Municipality of Muggia following contacts with cultural bodies in the town and with the offices of the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Muggia. The public meeting took place in the “Gastone Millo” conference room. Illustrative leaflets were distributed and Prof. Gabriella Valera, artistic and scientific director of the project, has widely represented the actions developed within the project. In addition, the book of the 15th edition of the Competition  “I have a dream” was presented by reading some poems.

The meeting also highlighted how much the schools of Muggia were involved in the competition during the previous editions and it was proposed to make participation even more lively.

The role of the partnership with the International Study and Documentation Center for Youth Culture was also highlighted, also in view of the forthcoming publication of the Call for the attribution of the “Trieste-Right to Dialogue” prize to its second edition. The theme of the Right to Dialogue, which constitutes the guiding thread of actions in favor of youth culture, has been amply illustrated also for the enhancement of the actions that articulate the World Youth Forum Right of Dialogue that in 2019 has seen its XII edition.




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