22 settembre 2006, Museo Revoltella

22 settembre 2006, Museo Revoltella

September 22, Museo Revoltella

Introduction to the public of the Book  ” Aria Acqua Terra Fuoco/ Air  Water Earth Fire”  in the Auditorium of the  Museo Revoltella, Trieste


Alessandro Quasimodo ha presented very sucessfully the Book “Aria Acqua Terra Fuoco. La lunga genesi degli elementi / Air Water Earth Fire. The long genesis of Elemetns”  edited by di Gabriella Valera Gruber and published by the Ibiskos Editrice Risolo (sponsor of the competition)

The violinist Furio Belli and a young pianist of the United World College of Adriatic (Duino, Trieste)


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