2013, March 22- Auditorium National Slovene Library: “Workshop Translating”

2013, March 22- Auditorium National Slovene Library: "Workshop Translating"

at 9.30

Auditorium of the National Slovene Libray in Trieste, by the High School of Lnaguages for intepreters and Translators , Via Filzi 14


In the workshop of the translator “poet”

A  workshop for translators and poets, often translators of theri own writings, who debate about their experiences,  about the  side of “translating”, about the labour of  re-generating the matter of their work, by respecting it.


 Boris A. Novak,  « Poetry translation – “salto immortale” ».

 Claudia Azzola,  «  Translating: a reflection for two ” »

Ljiljana Avirovic, « Didactic of literary translation as a cultural vehicle  » (together with some studentsof the Department ” Scienze Giuridiche, del Linguaggio, dell’Interpretazione e della Traduzione”: Francesca Stefani, Ivana Peros, Ludovica Piccinini, Rasffaella Capuano, Nicola Mariani, Nastja Foraus, Diana Furlan, Luca Casadio, Kristina Josic, Ivana Pisac.

 Tozan Alkan e Nicola Verderame, «A comparative translation study in three languages: Italian,English and Turkish»

Chair Gabriella Valera Gruber


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