Exhibition 2018 (home)

Exhibition 2018 (home)

Shot exhibition by Poets of the international Competition of Poetry and Theatre Castello di Duino, commented with their texts and their words

Casa / home


The exhibition of the photos sent by the young participants in the Castello di Duino Competition, to which the curator adds the commentary of their own verses, represents a particular declination of the attention paid in our Festival to the specificity of each language as well as to the necessary dialogue between different languages, outcome of the complexity in thinking and feeling.

This year the exhibition has the theme “Home / Casa”, which has been the theme of the poetic competition.

The photos were sent by the participants with a reference to their poems. Just the relationship between photos and verses (stated by the authors and sometimes made explicit by a title given to the photo) has produced surprising results.

The house lived as a “nest”, the homeexperienced as a “place” of security and return, “space” of deep-rooted affections, the “memory house”, all these way of considerino the “Home/house” are present in these photos or in the verses. But often the contrast between the verses and the photo is remarkable.


The sense of home is always accompanied by “a profound sense of loss” (Saloni Sharma, India).
We see in the photos open spaces, paths, looks on the sea  connected to the “home” theme, as well as the reference to “return”, destruction, war, and even  perversion; or to the body as the last abode of vital energy.

That house from which we move away is a house that has nostalgia for us? Margherita Roffi asks herself.

And finally, asks the author of a photo that represents a blue indistinct between sea and sky, “where is our home?”, in the womb from which we rise and in the space that stand above us? And the verses add: “but did the past really happen, that of the wars that ravaged humanity?” (Kornélia Czérna, Hungary).

Images, they say, speak for themselves. But when they are joined to the word, to the verses, the dialogue between the author and the observer, mediated by the gaze on the object, becomes particularly rich: the word insinuates in the objectivity of the image a vision that transcends it.

Images speak through the words with which the observer (and the photographer) makes them talk. Metaphors, oxymorons, metonymies, all the figures used by the poetic and the literary discourse become “body” in the picture and become words in the author and the observer.

In this exhibition there is also the emotion left in the visitor by a succession of images that the curator did not want to order in typologically characterized “sections”, to leave alive the impression of the wealth of thoughts and sensibilities that they reflect.


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