World Youth Forum Right to Dialogue – XI edition: call for papers and application form

World Youth Forum Right to Dialogue - XI edition: call for papers and application form

The deadline to submit the applications (for both speakers and auditors) has expired!


Associazione Poesia e Solidarietà
in collaboration with
Centro Internazionale di Studi e Documentazione
per la Cultura Giovanile – Trieste

September 28 – 30, 2018 / Trieste (Italy)

World Youth Forum “Right to Dialogue”
XI Edition

Debates, Cultural and artistic events, friendship

Call for papers

I. Theme

Ethics and complexity, complexity’s Ethics

“Every art and every inquiry, and similarly every action and pursuit, is thought to aim at some good; and for this reason the good has rightly been declared to be that at which all things aim. But a certain difference is found among ends […] As there are many actions, arts, and sciences, their ends also are many.
If, then, there is some end of the things we do, which we desire for its own sake (everything else being desired for the sake of this) […] clearly this must be the good and the chief good.”

(Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, Book I A 1094 a-b)

The definition of Ethics we find in Aristotle, the oldest among those codified in the Greek-Latin thinking eventually inherited and elaborated by the European and Western philosophy, puts some issues on the table:
– the relationship among performing (art, in Greek techne or technique as science of making) the action, intention (the purpose) and ends pursued as particular goods;
– the variety of ends and goods;
– the relationship between the single ends and the supreme or absolute Good.

This classical scheme, belonging to Ethics and Practical Philosophy or Philosophy of Action, is still useful to promote an open discussion on ethics and complexity today.
Which is the relationship between Good / goods, ends / values and happiness in a complex world in which the relations’ system is constantly expanding and opening new interaction networks?

During the Forum, participants will have the chance to discuss and put in comparison:
– the foundations of an Ethics’ doctrine, the premises set in Western philosophy and in other systems of thinking about “virtue”, “values”, “duties” (and rights);
– the issues that in each field of action represent or may be considered as approaches and “ethical” systems inasmuch as they have precise declinations of “Good” as their ends.
Hence the question: how do specific approaches contribute to reconstitute, when possible and necessary, an “ethical” or “value-related” doctrine, having at its core practices and relations?
Particularly, it will be interesting to see how the issues related to complexity will merge with those related to Ethics.
Some keywords belonging to either of them may be “launched” to foster a reflection that, due to its own nature, will lead to very different directions, opening the debate and the chance to dialogue. Here’s just a few suggestions, chosen among the many possible declinations that can be dealt with from an “ethical” point of view:

– code of behaviour, or ethical code
– discipline
– cultural vs. natural and foundations of Ethics
– Ethics and dynamics of communication
– change / order
– education and learning
– social Ethics and public Ethics
– economic Ethics
– relationship
– responsibility

Each of these topics involves many others the prospective speakers may present by clearly arguing their theories.
Papers are expected to carefully focus on the single aspects, moving from the authors’ areas of expertise and cultures.
The Forum is expected to foster an open discussion among all participants; they will be given in advance the papers’ booklet, so that they may productively take part into the debate’s plenary sessions.


II. Participation process

The present call is addressed to young adults aged 18 to 35, without distinction as to nationality.
The Forum works will be conducted both in Italian and in English; simultaneous translation from/to both languages will be provided.
Those who are interested in taking part to the Forum must apply by filling and submitting the online form available on the organization’s website ( For submissions’ deadlines, please check the following paragraphs.

Interested persons may apply either as speakers or as auditors.

1. Speakers

While filling the application form, those who are interested in applying as speakers must provide a title and an abstract for the paper that, if selected, they’ll have to eventually develop according to the guidelines, in order to present it on the Forum. Thus they must fill all the form’s fields, including n. 15 (paper’s title) and n. 16 (paper’s abstract).
Application forms must be submitted by Sunday, July 8, 2018, 11.59 pm (CET). The organizers don’t guarantee that later applications will be taken into consideration.The organization will disclose the selection’s results by Sunday, July 22, 2018.

1.1. Selection

The selection of speakers will be based upon the assessment of the abstracts (quality level, originality, adherence to the Forum’s theme), the applicants’ profiles, the available budget. Therefore the organization will accept a number of participants based on the actual financial availability, thus reserving the right of rejecting exceeding requests.

1.2. Hospitality

The Forum’s organization will provide a 4 nights accommodation (check-in on Sept. 27th, check-out on Oct. 1st). The offer includes lodging in shared rooms + breakfast.

1.3. Travel and related costs

The organization will provide the participants with all the necessary assistance regarding the visa release process (if needed) and the hospitality. Selected speakers, on the other hand, are compelled to plan the itinerary and to purchase the travel tickets on their own. The organizers are willing to discuss with the participants, when it comes to travel planning, only those aspects the latter can’t sort out on their own and the doubts that may arise regarding the reimbursement (see next paragraph).

Once the event is over, the organization will offer selected speakers a partial reimbursement – for their travel-related costs – whose amount won’t anyway exceed 70% of the costs related to the considered travel’ sections, neither it will exceed, in any case, 500 € per person.
The reimbursement is anyway subjected to specific restrictions: particularly, it will be granted only if all the following conditions are met:

1) the travel’ segments taken into account must outline a path as linear as possible between the speaker’s place of residence (or that where they work / study; should it not match the place of residence, speakers must justify with a self-certification the reason why they’ll travel from / to a different place) and Trieste;
2) in case of international travels:
a) speakers must arrive to Italy (on their way here) not before September 22;
b) speakers must leave Italy (on their way back) not after October 6;
3) speakers must present the organization the travel documents (flight, train, bus tickets, boarding passes, etc.) related to the travel’ sections they intend to ask the reimbursement for;
4) speakers must attend all of the Forum’s works; unjustified delays and absences may cause the loss of the right to the reimbursement offer.

Please note: in case of flights, the reimbursement will be cut down to 50% of the ticket if the speaker decides to bring checked baggage and this implies a higher fee than the base one.

Reimbursement methods will be as follows:
– speakers coming from a Sepa area country (or having a bank account based there) will be asked to provide the iban code of a bank account the organizers will make a transfer to, once the forum’s over and upon presentation of the travel documents;
– for participants not coming from a Sepa area country (nor having a bank account based there), the organizers will deal with each case singularly, according to the speakers’ provenance and in order to find the most practical way to perform the reimbursement (cash, bank transfer, other…).

Please note: interested persons are also advised to start working on their own in order to get a sponsorship in their countries to cover the travel expenditure, and to submit the sponsorship requests as soon as possible, also to allow the Forum organizers to support them as best as they can.

2. Auditors

Auditors may take part into debates and round-table discussions, but without presenting any paper (unless otherwise agreed).
Organizations willing to participate with a delegation are invited to get in touch with the organizers (writing to: to determine the number and names of the delegates before any of them fill out their application form.
In any case, all those who are interested in participating as auditors (either on their own or as a delegation’s members) must – while filling out the form – skip fields n. 15 (paper’s title) and 16 (paper’s abstract).
Application forms must be submitted by Sunday, July 29, 2018, within 11.59 pm (CET). Neither hospitality nor travel expenditure reimbursement will be provided for auditors.


III. Visas

All interested persons who’d need to apply for a visa are advised to contact the organizers as soon as possible.
As it may take quite some time to get a visa application processed, the organizers are willing to do all that they can to support the participants during the procedure. All candidates whose paper get accepted are asked to contact immediately the Italian embassy in their country, in order to obtain soon enough the essential informations and the appointment for an interview.
The organization will not incur any costs in connection to visas release.


IV. Certificates

At the end of the Forum’s works, each participant will receive a certificate of attendance, that may help in obtaining course credits and may be considered as a title of qualification for a resume.


V. Publication

The papers selected for the Forum will be included in the booklet handed to participants and eventually published on the website, under Creative Commons license. Said papers may also be published in the «Forum’s Magazine», whose firts issue is scheduled for September, upon assessment and acceptance by the scientific committee. Depending on the number of accepted papers, a special issue of the magazine, entirely dedicated to the Forum, may be published.


VI. Artistic and cultural events

Cultural events (music performances, poetry readings, meeting with poets and local personalities, exhibitions…) will be the social frame in which the Forum will take place, in order to leave room for creativity and friendship. All those who will take part to the Forum are invited to give their contribution presenting themes, dances, images, instruments or any other element specifically related to their countries and their cultures.





Prof. Gabriella Valera
Presidente dell’associazione Poesia e Solidarietà
Direttore Centro Internazionale di Studi e Documentazione per la Cultura Giovanile

Associazione Poesia e Solidarietà
Via Matteotti 21
34138 Trieste
tel.: +39.040.638787


Application Form

(30/7, update: since the deadline to apply has expired, the form has been removed from this page)

All those who are interested must fill in, either in English or in Italian, the online form available below. Subscriptions presented otherwise won’t be taken into consideration.
As, among the informations required in the form, there’s a self-presentation (500 characters max.) and, only for speakers, title (120 characters max.) and abstract (1500 characters max.) of the paper the candidate intends to present, for practical purposes we strongly advise to prepare such texts in advance, then to check their lenght and then to copy/paste them into the form.
Once the form is sent («submit»), it will be automatically archived by the system. However, shortly after the submission the organization will give each candidate a feedback via mail about the form’s reception and its correct compilation.

In accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and with the article 13 of the Italian Lesgislative decree 196/2003, with reference to your personal data as requested in the application form, we inform you that:
a) personal data will be processed solely within the frame of the association’s activity and to deliver via e-mail informative material, by collecting, recording and storing the abovementioned data, which may be contained in paper and/or magnetic and/or electronic and/or computer archives;
b) personal data will be treated confidentially and in compliance with the laws regulating their protection;
c) the provision of personal data is optional; full or partial non-delivery of those required in the application form will lead to no consequence but the non eligibility of said application.



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