World Youth Forum Right to Dialogue: 2013 October 4-6. Program

World Youth Forum Right to Dialogue: 2013 October 4-6. Program

Forum Mondiale dei Giovani Diritto di Dialogo/ World Youth Forum Right to Dialogue


6th Edition

Global / City

Trieste, Italy / October 4-6 2013

Auditorium of the Higher School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators

promoted by Association Poesia e Solidarietà (Poetry and Solidarity) in collaboration with

Study and Documentation Centre for Youth Culture

(Department of Humanities – University of Trieste)


Friday, October 4 / 9,30- 11,00

Auditorium of the Higher School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators

Opening of the World Youth Forum Right to Dialogue



Welcome addresses by the authorities

Loredana Cialdella (councillor for Youth and EU policy – town administration of Corato): collaboration projects

10,00- 10,20

Emanuela Scridel (professor at Luiss “Guido Carli” University and European Committee specialist)

“Creative”: Europe for a dream


Fulvio Longato (professor at University of Trieste)

The “Bill of human duties”



11,00 -12,30

1st Session: new citizenship: between knowledge and solidarity


Marcin Piekalkiewicz (Poland)

Globalizations’ closed spaces (a tale and some reflections)

Itodo Samuel Anthony (Nigeria / United Kingdom)

Globalization and citizenship: local and global dimensions

Riccardo Vecellio Segate (Verona, Italy)

The role of European diplomacy in cultural development and humanitarian commitment

Alabbas Abbasov (Azerbaijan)

Globalization and individuals’ life

Michele Alessio (Trieste, Italy)

Decay finds its bad seed in the global cities



17,00- 18,30

The spaces of future


Gabriella Valera, A photo exhibition and two books to investigate the same subject


Alberto Garlini, Launch of the book “Il Futuro… un luogo nel mondo” (‘The future… a place in the world’, poems by the winners of the 9th edition of the Castello di Duino Award – Ibiskos publ., Risolo 2013)


Lectures by Mariella Terragni





Saturday, October 5

2nd Session: Being citizens in the global city: new rights, new duties, new commitment



Zaahirah Muthy (Mauritius / United Arab Emirates)

Engage yourself – Inspire others


Marcos Nhapulo (Mozambico)

To confront with the past and to find differences…

Aderopo Egbeleke (Nigeria / The Netherlands)

Removal of Egyptian President through civil disobedience: interrogating new forms of citizens’ rights


Christabel Chanda Mwango (Zambia / Ukraine)

Citizenship in a global city


11,00- 13,00

Liliana Sofia Romao Mota (Portugal)

Why tourism?

Ekaterina Matveeva (Russian Federation)

Cultures and mixed couples in the era of globalization and new citizenship


Maria Francesca Casamassima (Corato, Italy)

Biblion: knowledge as global good

Hari Bertoja (Trieste, Italy)

Globalità of good, globality of evil




Saturday, October 5 / 15,00- 16,30

Parallel sessions

Room C1

Air, Water, Earth, Fire: elements and ecosystem

Team leader: Marcin Piekalkiewicz

Aldo Lastella (Corato, Italy)



Luigi Procacci (Corato, Italy)


Parth Vaidya (India)

Sustainable low carbon neighbourhood development

Room L4

Psychology and anthropology of the global world

Team Leader: Antonella Rizzo


Maria Nevzorova (Russian Federation)

What is your citizenship, my friend?

Fabio Corigliano (Trieste, Italy)

The discomfort for freedom


Domenico Paganelli (Corato, Italy)

In my eyes there is only future


Edona Rhexa (Albania)

All together


Room I4

Globale / Internet

Team Leader: Hari Bertoja


Elena Rizova (FYROM)

Being a citizen in the global city


Ekaterina Kuznetsova (Russian Federation)

Global dialogue: why should we care?

Siamak Rahimi Motem (Iran / Finland)

Using technology for a brighter social life

Domenico Caterina (Corato, Italy)

“And they lived happily and connected”



Globality and identity

Team Leader:  Stefano Felician


Zhara Qureshi (Pakistan)

Honour killing in Pakistan


Dafina Beqiri (Kosovo)

Homogenized society or diversity


Natalia Ustinova (Russian Federation)

The problem of modern Russian culture identity

Nunzia Masciavé (Corato, Italy)

Aspects of sociocultural integration among people of different nationalities and cultures

Mattia di Tommaso (Roma, Italy)

Italian citizenship facing the migratory processes



17,00- 18, 30


Plenary session – Auditorium

introduction of the parallel sessions’ outcomes and debate






Sunday, October 6 / 9,30- 12,30

IV Sessione: Global/city in the arts

Analia Adorni (Argentina / Italy)

The globality of contemporary art

Luca Fedele (Aversa, Italy)

The new space of poetry in the cities of the global era

Aleksandra Baca (Poland)

Walls of art

Emmanuel Manasseh Osei (Ghana)

Global city: citizenship, knowledge and arts

Anna Ilcheva (Bulgaria / Italy) and Yana Drumeva (Bulgaria / Italy)

The contemporary city, a stage for human culture and new social tendencies

Dario Talarico (Roma, Italy)

Artistic craftmanship



House of Music – Auditorium



Friendship: The gift of cultures


20, Farewell dinner



Participants to the debate:

Delegates from the Youth National Forum (Italy), delegates from the town administration of Corato (Italy), delegates from the International Human Rights Observer (Pakistan), delegates from the Peace World Foundation of Africa (Nigeria), delegates from the Youth Synergy and Development (Camerun), Piero Guglielmino (University of Primorska, Slovenia), Gyanendra Basnet  e Ramesh Bahadur Upreti (Nepal), Ana Gabunia (Georgia), Biljana Stupar (Bosnia).

Forum Mondiale dei Giovani Diritto di Dialogo / World Youth Forum Right to Dialogue will provide simultaneous translation from / to English.

 Info: Piervittorio Vitori;  +39.040638787

 Press Office: Giuliana Tonut +39.328.0181622



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