Diana Huiu (Romania)

Diana Huiu (Romania)

Mystery of the Roads

I wanted to go to the Nile

With pyramids pinching the sky,

To touch the stones with a smile

And call the Gods with a cry,

I wanted to go to Rome,

The Coliseum to visit with fear,

In the saint Christian home

Divinity to evoke and hear,

I wanted to go to Peking,

In pagodas to learn drinking tea

And meditating on Tao Te Ching

The right way of living to see.

I wanted to discover the world,

To see all its treasures around,

To see the wonders that bold

Are crying their glory out loud,

I wanted to walk different roads,

To understand the unsaid and unwritten,

I wanted to see different Gods,

To discover and sense the forbidden.

But all I found on the roads,

In the wonders and treasures around,

In the stories with devils and Gods

Which are crying their glory out loud

Is the Man:
The Builder, the Teller, the Dreamer

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