Andra Rafoi (Romania)

Andra Rafoi (Romania)



I bow before you…

…You, clouds of Heavenly velvet,

I hear.

The Earth’s roar,

Deep and wild

Like a hungry little child.

I hear.

The dissolution of the human being into life


Life itself dissolving into me.

I plunge myself

Into the erratic wave,

Vibrating like an engine.

I fly through Her wide and noisy veins

Until I reach the sky,

This crazy shine

That burns and let you


There moves a thread

That has no end.

It blows out

My screaming, day-dreaming


It blows out

Some kind of deadly monster

Hidden in my life.

Hybrid roamer,

Vagrant, Wanderer,

Call me as you like.

I am the wolf


I am the music

Of your resigned blood.

I am the dream

Of your dawn.

Dragging my body onto the ground

And changing it into word,

I invoke

An eagle with a soul-fire

For miles and miles…

Burning at the mercy of the wind,

Melting away insolently

The Road of ice.


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