Poetry and Literature Festival 2014 – Conclusions

Poetry and Literature Festival 2014 - Conclusions

Premiazione Poesia

Our Poetry and Literature Festival is finish! It was a week full of meetings, presentations, cultures musics and, above all, Poetry. An intense Poetry that goes beyond the boundaries of the verses for being in the method, the one which for years has guided our actions and the involvement of young and old people, from local to global citizenship, to build ties and recognition over any distance through the sharing and the implementation of projects such as the one just ended. We thank all those who have supported and will support us in the future. As every year, the important thing was the trip for those who were here and listened, for those who will listen to the lives of those who were here just passing through and return to his own country, his city, his house, with a little more experience. Many of the past week’s meetings were made in streaming, to leave a trace of their moments. We greet you and give you an appointment for the next year! Below the video of the awards ceremony of yesterday. Appointments don’t end there, however. In the coming weeks we’ll continue our little daily meetings and activityes. Follow us!


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