3-4 ottobre 2009 – forum “Diritto di dialogo”

3-4 ottobre 2009 – forum “Diritto di dialogo”

October 3 and 4: the World Youth Forum “Right to Dialogue”

Read the Proceedings Quale Futuro

The World-Youth Forum “Right to Dialogue”, II Edition (2009), took place on October 3 and 4. 70 young people coming from many Italian Cities, from Germany, French, Irak, Albany, Serbia, Croazia, Nigeria, Russia, Ungheria, Polonia, Slovenia actively participated in it. Papers were sent also from Brasile. Students of the Liceo Oberdan di Trieste and of the World United College of  Adriatic (Duino), as well as the responible of the Youth Department of the Cancer Institut of Aviano (Pordenone) were attending to the meeting.

The topic “which Future?” was dealt with from  particular and interesting point of views The proceedings of the forum are now available and they may be requsted by writing to Gabriella Valera Gruber Via Mattoetti 21 34138 Trieste, Italy. They are distributed by schools and Associations in order to become a basis for further discussions of the arising problems and for a possible permanent observaotry on the youth culture in different areas of the world.

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