Appreciations and “thanks” from attending people

Appreciations and "thanks" from attending people

Besides the appreciations of the critics and press we consider particularly important for us the appreciations of people and above all young people who attended the events.

Here you’ll find only a few, chosen among many others, which particularly touched us:

From Matteo

Dear Gabriella,

During these days we didn’t have so much opportunities to talk together, because you were completely busy and you had to be always present in all the events. I can understand what means to organize suche an event; I have founded and direct a web Radio for Italian Emergent Bands and we have exceede 150.000 audience rating.  I understand every day the the permanent mistreatment suffered by young artists, who would be ready to everything in order to realize their dreams. I congratulate also you and your husband, who with his attentive and strong presence gives to your passion an outstanding solidity.
I would like to share with you a feeling. Now I wouldn’t write again a poem such as that I sent to the competition.
I suppose I was one of the few poets, who wrote about future without judging it. I only tryed to find its “place”.
I had no interest in judgement. I didn’t see a Future in my writing poems. 
Now, on the contrary, by seeing your True passion, your engagement and above all  the how really you are interested in us, young people, I believe again that all this makes sense.
I thank you for being what you are and I feel honoured to have known you.
See you soon!
With love

Da Laura

Piccolo lettera laura0001

From Adriana (Quito, Ecuador)

I just wanted to write to say thank you to you and Ottavio. I’ve never met people as committed with art like you and your husband. I’m inspired by your strenght. I never even imagined one day I was going to be in Italy in a Poetry festival like this. I feel so grateful because my literature will be much better after this experience. Now I’m safe in Quito. Everything was fine with my flight, I only had a problem with my luggage, it’s delayed but I hope everything will be solved. Anyway, I have the insurance.

I will go back to italian lessons soon, if I go back to Europe, I’ll go to Italy and Trieste for sure. I will participate again in the competition, maybe in theatre too. I’m very happy because I had the chance to be in Trieste which is a wonderful city and I met writers from different countries and cultures, very good friends. I feel I have grown so much in so little time. This was amazing and I think I will never finish saying thank you, because this was the best thing ever happened to me in my whole life.

Ottavio and you are such a nice couple and we could feel the love for each other ant for poetry, which is beautiful. As I already told you, I feel very inspired.

Thank you so much for everything.



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