Poetry and Literature Festival 2020: Awardceremony in Videoconference

Poetry and Literature Festival 2020: Awardceremony in Videoconference

March 29, 2020The “Award Ceremony” of the Duino Castle Competition, section over 16 years old, was held by videoconference. Many small spaces, personal and distant, from Canada to Haiti, Nigeria to the Russian Federation and many other countries, have represented the spirit of the Duino Castle that has hosted us for many years. An atmosphere of friendship and intimacy, the spiritual force of poetry (and music) has committed technology to its service, forgetting some difficulties, to say once again that the “Castello di Duino” is not a simple competition but a project cultural and human.Why read poetry while the world suffers the tragedy of a pandemic?To meet, first of all, to want that good that poetry induces us to know and to exchange the gift of cultures that are conveyed in poetry, to know each other while being far away, to know that in the world we are bearers of beauty and that after the tragedy, that does not end for those who have lost relatives and friends and therefore does not end for the sensitivity of those who empathically live, we will be responsible for the life that we have cultivated in us as the seed left by the life of those who are lost.It was exciting to look into the individual virtual spaces, timidly, sometimes not understanding why we forgot to speak English and why poetry squeezed us in its complexity that we would have liked to explore several times. Finally, I think we were all a little lost but happy with the four hours spent between smiles, sadness that didn’t hide, and poems.


The program of the “Poetry and Literature Festival” does not change !!! Only dates and places of events will be changed: readings, exhibitions, meetings, theater, awards. The main theme: “Homo faber: freedom and destiny”.  We will keep you posted! follow us on this site, on social media and in the press!


download the program  (new dates and places will be announced)



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