2013, I Prize Section Theatre: Wherever you are, written by Carol Cravero


written by Carol Cravero







The scene takes place in a toy store.

Pendulum-clock                                              Tic-tac tic-tac tic-tac tic-tac…

The child is touching a wooden toy train.

Tic-tac tic-tac – you have to choose quickly – tic-tac tic-tac…

The child looks round him astonished. Then he picks up the wooden toy train.

Tic-tac tic-tac – your grandmother is waiting for you – tic-tac tic-tac – which toy will you choose? Tic-t…

Kid                                                                     (annoyed) Ssschhh!

Pendulum-clock                                              (sighing)Tic-tac…

Suddenly the child’s eyes are wide open. He has seen a small toy car.

Tic-tac – it’s too small for you – tic-tac – behind you there’s – tic-tac – a bigger one – tic-tac…

Kid                                                                     Stop talking! Why don’t you watch another child?

Pendulum-clock                                              Actually… there is no other child! – tic-tac…

Kid                                                                     Leave me alone!

Pendulum-clock                                              (sad) Tiic-taaac…

Kid                                                                     Tic-tac (he repeats in a low voice). Why do you repeat it so often?

Pendulum-clock                                              This is my job!

Kid                                                                     (yawning) It’s a very boring job.

Pendulum-clock                                              But it’s useful!

Kid                                                                     Why?

Pendulum-clock                                              Don’t you really know the meaning of tic-tac?

The child doesn’t answer; he is looking at a life-size teddy bear.

Tic-tac tic-tac tic-tac tic-tac.

The child is attracted by the teddy bear’s huge paws.

He also knows its meaning! Tic-tac…

Kid                                                                      Why? (stroking the teddy bear) What does it mean?

Pendulum-clock                                                  That time rolls by… Tiiic-tac…

The child stares at  the pendulum-clock. He seems puzzled.

Kid                                                                        Time rolls by (he repeats slowly to himself). Well, how fast does it roll by?

Pendulum-clock                                                  As fast as any tic-tac.

Kid                                                                        But how long will time tick away?

Pendulum-clock                                                  Nobody knows…

Kid                                                                        Somebody must know it! For example, how  many ticks have you made?

Pendulum-clock                                                 (speaking slowing) I don’t remember – tic-tac – but I think they’re quite a lot… Tiiic-tac…

Kid                                                                        (disappointed)Ah. Don’t you even know how many  ticks you will make?

Pendulum-clock                                                 It would be sad… Tic-tac… Don’t you think?

The child gives the pendulum-clock an interrogative look and then he shrugs his shoulders.

Tiiic-tac tic-tac tic-tac…

Kid                                                                        You’re so odd…

Pendulum-clock                                                  Why?

Kid                                                                        Your tic-tac is so strange… like tiiic-tac (laughs).

Pendulum-clock                                                 (sigh) I’m old… (with a sad voice).

Kid                                                                        (wide-eyed) What does it mean?

Pendulum-clock                                                 (sigh) It means that I’ve been ticking away for a long time…

Kid                                                                        How long?

Pendulum-clock                                                 I’ve already answered your question (with resignation)… I don’t remember… Tic-tac…

Kid                                                                        Are you too old to remember?

Pendulum-clock                                                 This is not the reason…

Kid                                                                        So then, why not remember? (with an insistently curious   tone).

Pendulum-clock                                                 Because I don’t want to remember! (he speaks out)

Kid                                                                        I can’t understand you, old clock…

Pendulum-clock                                                 Nobody has been interested in my ticking!

Kid                                                                        This is not true! I am!

Pendulum-clock                                                 So, you’re the only one!

The child smiles. In the meantime he grabs a soft toy in the shape of a moon.

                                                                               My ticks mean everything to me: they’re  my past and my future, my memories and my years to come. Tic-tac… (pause) Somebody thinks that I’m only a sequence of numbers and ticks, that one day will probably come to an end…

Kid                                                                        And what will you do when the ticking finishes? (pause) And I? What will I do?

Pendulum-clock                                                 (with a reassuring tone) Don’t worry… The tic-tac will bring you to a place called Future.

Kid                                                                        Is it far from here?

Pendulum-clock                                                 It’s anywhere…

Kid                                                                        So, it’s both at my grandmother’s house and in the small garden?

Pendulum-clock                                                 Yes, of course!

Kid                                                                        Also at school?

Pendulum-clock                                                 Yes, of course!

Kid                                                                        (with a disappointed tone) Ah… (pause) So… (with a merry tone) also at the ice-cream kiosk, in the soccer field, at my aunt’s house, at my cousin’s …

Pendulum-clock                                                 Yes, of course! It’s everywhere!

Kid                                                                        Also here?

Pendulum-clock                                                 Definitely!

Kid                                                                        I can’t understand… (puzzled) How can this place be in several places?

Pendulum-clock                                                 Because it’s a travelling place…

Kid                                                                        So (with hesitation) it’s a magic place!

Pendulum-clock                                                 It’s a place made of tic-tacs that do not exist yet.

Kid                                                                        And what about the past tic-tacs? Where are they?

Pendulum-clock                                                 They’re in a place called Past…

Kid                                                                        And where is that place?

Pendulum-clock                                                 It’s near the Future… In the Past were born the  tic-tac future buds.

Kid                                                                        Have I ever been to these places?

Pendulum-clock                                                 Not in the Future.

Kid                                                                        Then, I want to go there!

Pendulum-clock                                                 You’ll be in the Future sooner than you can imagine…

Kid                                                                        What will I do when I am in the Future?

Pendulum-clock                                                 You’ll be able to do everything you want… But remember one thing…

Kid                                                                        What?

Pendulum-clock                                                 You have to listen to the tic-tacs forever, don’t forget them… They’ll remind you of the Past and, maybe (pause) of me… (pause) Remember! You’ll have to appreciate all of them, good or bad, fast or slow, because the tic-tacs of the Past will never get back, while the future tic-tacs (he sighs)

Kid                                                                        And the future tic-tacs? (curious)

Pendulum-clock                                                 They’ll always come and go by too fast… Tic-tac tic-tac…

Near the pendulum-clock, looking out of a window, the child sees a snowflake.

Kid                                                                        (thrilled) It’s snowing!

Pendulum-clock                                                 Tomorrow is Christmas. Tic-tac. Choose your gift… Hurry up! Tic-tac. Your grandmother is waiting for you…

The child, who is already hugging the moon soft toy, looks at the pendulum-clock, smiling.

Kid                                                                        I’ve chosen the moon… It will keep me company tonight, waiting for tomorrow… My grandmother always says that my mom and dad are in heaven… Will I be able to hug them in that place called Future?

Pendulum-clock                                                 It’s not necessary… They’re in the past Tic-Tacs and in the future Tic-Tacs… They’re the Tic-Tacs of your heart: they’ll be everywhere you go, wherever you are.


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