Archive Poems

  • The poems of authors, who are not among the winners, are published for free in the page “Archive” of this website if they want, without a further selection. The poems may be published only in their language according the alphabetic order. Copyright remain to the authors.
  • The poems of the winners are published for free by the Ibiskos Risolo Publishing House (Empoli) in italian and english. They are also recorded in CD in their original languages.
  • The proceeds of the sales will be devoted to Luchetta-Ota-D’Angelo-Hrovatin Foundation for children war victims ( ). The books may be bought by the Association Poesia e Solidarietà: € 12+ shipping costs (book and CD). The Association take care to give the money to the Fondazione Luchetta.

Write to  or to Gabriella Valera Gruber, Via Matteotti 21, 34138 Trieste, Italy.