The International Poetry and Theatre Competition “Castello di Duino” and the World Youth Forum “Right to Dialogue” are organized as part of the more comprehensive project “Poetry and Solidarity, Language of Peoples”. The project, born out of the enthusiasm and the ideals of Gabriella Valera and Ottavio Gruber, was launched in 2000 and then supported by the Association “Poetry and Solidarity”   and all its Members.

The “care of the language”, considered as the main medium of understanding and solidarity (on interpersonal, intergenerational and intercultural levels), is at the core of the entire project. Languages of the soul and languages of the thought are all “experiences of things”, a way to shape the world of relationships, them being considered as values which are inexhausted in their creative work. The Competition is addressed to young people under 31 years of age and  has grown over the years to the point that it’s become, according to the UNESCO Italian National Committee (under whose patronage it’s organized), the most important International Poetry Competition among those which address young poets. It has been honored with the medal of the Presidency of the Italian Republic, and it can rely on the collaboration of Prince Carlo Alessandro della Torre e Tasso (Castello di Duino- Trieste Italia). So far, thousands of people from more than 90 countries of the world have joined the competition, so that we can rely on a real network of young poets, and, more generally, of young persons who are interested in social and humanitarian problems and promote the message of Poetry and Solidarity all around the world. Thanks to the Ibiskos Risolo Publishing House the book of the winners is published every year for free and donation made during the launching and the presentations of the book go to the Foundation Luchetta-Ota-D’Angelo-Hrovatin, committed to provide care for child victims of war.